Our School

Oteha Valley School is a decile 9 school. All New Zealand schools are given a decile rating that reflects the socio-economic area from which students who attend the school come from. Decile 10 is the highest and Decile 1 is the lowest. A school’s decile does not reflect the quality of teaching and learning. This is assessed by the Education Review Office (ERO).

Our school roll is growing slightly every year and we expect it to increase to 365 pupils by the end of 2014. We think this is a great size for a primary school because we’re large enough to offer a range of academic, sporting and cultural activities, but small enough so that every child is known by name and we can meet their individual needs. We are a culturally diverse community and our school population reflects this. Our main ethnic group is New Zealand European (45%), followed by Chinese, Korean, African, Indian and Maori. We also have pupils who are Filipinos, British, Australian, Middle Eastern, Tongan, Russian, Malaysian and Polish. We are very proud of our cultural diversity at Oteha Valley School and continuously look for ways to celebrate and learn about other cultures.