Forms and Processes

Welcome to Oteha Valley School. We understand it’s a big decision choosing where to start your child’s educational journey so we’re here to make it a positive experience.  Oteha Valley School is open to any child living within our school zone who meets the criteria of a domestic student. 


What is the enrolment process?

Children starting school for the first time (New Entrants)

When your child turns four please complete and return the pre-enrolment form.  While this doesn’t commit you to enrolling your child, it enables us to plan ahead.

Download Pre-Enrolment Form

Around six weeks before your child turns five the school will contact you. A full enrolment pack will be posted to you and we will organise two visits to the school before your child starts. On the first visit, we invite both you and your child to the classroom and on the second visit we encourage you to give your child time in the classroom on their own.

You will need to complete the enrolment pack before your child is officially enrolled. Children can start school on or after the day they turn five.

My child is turning 5 and is about to start school.  Will they be in Year 0 or Year 1?

The compulsory age of entry to school is 6 years, but children may start any time from their 5th birthday, under a system of continuous enrolment. Children who start school between January and April will be enrolled as Year 1, while those who start between May and December will be enrolled in Year 0. Working out if a child will be in Year 1 or Year 0 at Oteha Valley School is based on when their birthday is, not what date they start school.

·         If your child turns 5 before 30thApril they will be in Year 1 for the rest of the year and start in Year 2 the following year.

·         If your child turns 5 after 1stMay they will be classified as Year 0 and will do Year 1 the following year. This is not a disadvantage to the child as Teachers work hard to cater for the needs of all children and plan lessons according to the needs of the class.

·         If you choose to delay your child starting school until they turn 6 you may want to have a conversation with the school as it may mean your child will start in Year 2.

New to the area?  Already attended another school?

Please contact the office for an enrolment pack. They will arrange a time for you and your child to meet with the principal who can answer any questions you have. Please bring along proof that you live within our school zone, your child's birth certificate or passport, visa (if applicable) and their immunisation certificate.