Our Values

Our 3 Values are important to us and we all try to live by these every day


Aroha/Compassion - To show love, empathy and caring for self, others and the environment

Māia/Courage - To be brave, bold, capable and show endurance

Pākiki/Curiosity - To question, inquire, be inquisitive, to wonder and expore


Each Value has a symbol

Aroha – koru’s coming together in respect

Māia – koru standing tall and strong

Pākiki – koru spreading fronds in different and exciting directions


On our Values poster we have highlighted the Oteha Valley and surrounding hills and the native trees and birds that were prolific in the area before the 1800’s and can still be found around the Lucas Creek and Oteha area today. 

North Harbour Stadium is also featured as it is the most prominent modern structure of our landscape and was the place where our school first began when our new school buildings were not ready to occupy at the start of the school year in 2004.