Reporting to Parents & Caregivers

There are several formal ways we report to you about your child’s learning at Oteha Valley School. In Year 1 the teacher will meet with you after your child has been at school for six weeks to talk to you about how they have settled in to school and their learning.

Teachers track each child's progress against the leveled Learning Progressions on HERO and parents can check at any time to see their child's achievement and next steps. Details on how to access HERO can be found in our Quick Links on the website home page.

At the end of Term 1 we invite parents/caregivers to come to a three-way conference with their child and teacher. This is where children are prepared to talk to you about aspects of their learning they are proud of and their next steps and goals.

At the end of Term 2, we have formal parent/teacher conferences where parents can talk to the teacher about their child's progress so far.

At any time during the year parents/caregivers are able to make a time to meet with the teacher to discuss their child’s learning.